We lived here 12 years from 1988-2000. The present owners value the unusual plants.

Albizia kalkora appears to be zone 6b
The flowers emerge light gold then fade to dark gold in a beautiful two tone display

Albizia kalkora, purchased from Woodlanders in 1988 as a one gallon plant now about 40' high. It blooms about two weeks before julibrissin and has larger curved leaflets. It is self fertile. Down to -4°F there has been no damage. At Dayton, Maryland another specimen has grown well for 15 years in zone 6b, freezing to the ground at -16°F in 1994.

lithocarpus henryi
15 years from a 1 gal Woodlanders plant

At Dayton 2 L. henryi stayed evergreen at -16°F. They have now  flowered for several years and Dan Turner, of Patuxent Valley Nursery, has over 50 vigorous seedlings growing. The flowers are just like chestnut blooms.

Thujopsis dolobrata
One of my favorite dwarf conifers, unlike arborvitae it likes shade and stays green in the winter.

Prunus lusitanica at my previous abode
Beautiful evergreen and tough, here competing successfully with a 60 foot red maple