Magnolia insignis, evergreen, China, april
It has been a shy bloomer, but maybe 8 blooms this year.

Jasminum floridum
with ,Oenothera speciosa, Echinocereus polyacanthus, driftwood from the outer banks

A second view of Jasminum floridum
Trichocereus pasacana just below, Agave scabra, Araucaria imbricata above, Opuntia imbricata beyond

Jasminum floridum is evergreen and fragrant and, despite much to the contrary on the web, a solid zone 7. I have noticed that the cut foliage keeps extremely well in a vase of water in the house, as a garnish for flowers.

Cistus corbariensis after damage last winter
The Oenothera speciosa move around, but always look great with the Cistus